Candle Light Vigil: Little River, Humboldt County, CA
Performance and temporary site specific installation

Our colleges are virtual breeding grounds for eating disorders. One out of four women attending our universities suffer from an eating disorder. In honor of eating disorder awareness week, 2003, Lasser and Sylva were commissioned to create fifteen mural size banners. These banners were exhibited on campus at Humboldt State University and the surrounding community of Arcata and Eureka. An exhibition of their work was held in the Student Union.

In addition to the exhibitions, Lasser worked with students from Humboldt State University, creating a candle light vigil commemorating the lives of persons who have died using their appetite as voice from medieval times to the present. Students read stories honoring the lives of the deceased. While reading these stories, candles were lit in commemoration and placed in small rafts made of wooden spoons etched with names and dates. The students placed these rafts into the Little River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean. The event took place at the setting of the day.