The images from the CONSUMING LANDSCAPES series formally mimic the way our culture projects its own desires upon the land in order to justify it's plunder. The 8 foot sculpted eating utensils are placed in the landscape, photographed, and removed from site. The photographs are place settings, both literally and figuratively. The utensils are made out of the same material that is being ravaged from the site. For instance, in Santa Barbara where the oil derricks dot the coast, the utensils are made out of coal and oil. The combustible materials are set ablaze.

The dirt covered table, chairs, and utensils in the exhibition, placed on a dirt floor, suggest an elemental association between the earth and the sustenance we draw from it. By placing the dirty dining table in the center of the cracked mud place setting surrounded by eating utensils I refer to the notion that we are being consumed as we consume the landscape. The large eating utensils are a way of framing the way our culture consumes itself.