This installation is reminiscent of an ancient Pompeii villa with red tinted walls and a checkerboard floor of 3" squares of white stained plywood and crushed charcoal. In the center of the room stands a concrete statue pumping black motor oil. The statue stands in a reflecting pool of oil surrounded by a shallow trough of water. The far wall as you enter is taken up by an eight-foot square rear-projected video of volcanic eruptions, fires, earthquakes and nuclear explosions. In addition to these appropriated images, there are video clips documenting fire performances and site-specific installations in the landscape. Infrared timed switches control four channels of volcanic sounds. In front of the entrance to the right, stands a lead table holding two plaster tablets of information. One is a glossary of geologic terms, "The Language of Volcanoes" taken from an earthscience textbook. Interspersed with the volcanic terminology, we have definitions of environmental words such as "ozone layer", "heat"'"suffocation"' and "ignite".